Bass Lessons at Cambridge Arts Academy

Cambridge Arts Academy is proud to provide children and adults of all skill levels in the area of Greater Boston with bass lessons from our professional and talented bass staff! As the bass is an integral part of any ensemble, bass players are always in high demand – whether in the walking bass lines for the school jazz band, playing for a professional group, recording on hip-hop beats, or getting a band together with friends, everyone needs a bass player! Most importantly, bass is uniquely expressive, and as a solo instrument is capable of great beauty as well.

All bass students at Cambridge Arts Academy work with their teacher to set and work towards their individual goals to work on for every lesson, whether it is learning to play their favorite songs, working on concert repertoire for school or an upcoming audition, or writing their own music! Bass Guitar and Upright Bass Lessons cover important topics such as tone, rhythm, improvisation, and reading. Styles covered include rock bass, funk bass, jazz, slap bass, classical and many more!

In addition, Cambridge Arts Academy offers FREE live performance opportunities and a chance to perform and be recorded with our talented and experienced faculty in our recurring Acoustic Vibes recital series.

To learn more, request more information by filling out the form on this page, or call/text us at +1 (617) 666-7529.

10 Benefits of Studying Bass Guitar at Cambridge Arts Academy:

  1. Fully Equipped Rooms Including Drums, Bass Guitars, Pianos, Keyboards, and Amps
  2. Affordable Practice Space 
  3. Free Performance Opportunities Year Round
  4. Private Bass Lessons With University Trained Teachers
  5. Free On-Site Parking (Located at Jamspot Somerville)
  6. Flexible Lesson Scheduling
  7. Competitive Pricing
  8. Professional and Responsive Office Staff
  9. Convenient Location Between Inman Square and Union Square on the Cambridge-Somerville line
  10. Comfortable Waiting Room and Lounge Area

“Bass lessons at Cambridge Arts Academy are fantastic! I really learn a ton every lesson and I am always motivated to play!

— Katherine D.

Meet our Bass Instructors, Yaman Akdogan and Jeff Fogleman!

Bass lessons are first come, first serve.

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