Bennett Kealey (Guitar Teacher)

Bennett Kealey (Guitar Teacher)


Bennett Kealey is a professional guitarist and bassist with over ten years of professional experience as both a performer and guitar teacher. Since moving to Boston to study at Berklee College of Music in 2010, he has performed throughout the northeast with his own groups and others.  While at Berklee, Bennett studied with Jon Damien, Mark White, Tim Miller, and Peter Bernstein.

Although principally focused on jazz, Ben is a true eclectic, having performed in rock bands, jazz bands, church groups, and university bands. In addition to playing private functions, Ben performs original and experimental music with his own groups, Bop Buddies and The Blues Dream Box. Bennett is an open-minded guitar teacher as a result of his wide array of experience with different styles of music, and teaches students with interests ranging from folk, jazz, funk, classical, and hard rock.

Education: Berklee College of Music, BA in Guitar Performance, Class of 2014

Teaching Philosophy:

“I want to figure out what students are interested in and figure out how to help them apply that to their instrument. For younger students and people that are new to the guitar, it is important to address the fundamentals and physical hurdles. Ultimately I want them to have good ears, have their own voice, and be curious about all aspects of music and art. That makes it more fun and leads to lifelong good guitar playing.”