Max Freeman (Drums)


Max Freeman is a drummer, composer, and sound designer based out of Boston. At Berklee College of Music he graduated with a degree in film scoring and a minor in music technology. He started out as a concert percussionist playing instruments like marimba, vibraphone, and snare drum. Then at the age of 16 he learned to play drum set and shifted his focus to that and writing music. Before moving to Boston he marched in a world class WGI drum line and played drum set for various churches and groups in Fort Worth, Texas. He has performed a wide variety of musical styles including rock, country, metal, jazz, middle-eastern, and funk. When he isn’t teaching he works as a freelance composer and sound designer for small film and video game projects.

Teaching Philosophy:

“Equipped with both the passion and the technical instruction in music, I am certain that I can bring structure, theory, and a demonstrated passion that will positively influence students. I am of the belief that a career that has no impact on the community is not worth spending the time doing. There is no better way to influence the world than music and teaching. I plan to continue instructing and developing high performing students and performance groups.”