Zack Bochicchio (Guitar)

Zack Bochicchio is a professional guitarist and music instructor who is currently a junior at Northeastern University.  One of Zack’s biggest strengths as a teacher is the versatility he has acquired from playing the guitar in wide array of settings since he was 11 years old. Having grown up in a house with a father who loved classic rock, and a mother who loved jazz and show tunes, Zack has an eclectic and diverse taste in music, and is experienced playing and teaching classic rock guitar, blues guitar, jazz guitar, folk/indie guitar, open turnings, and has a particular interest with songwriting with the guitar.  The work ethic and passion he has for music is apparent in his teaching style, as he can relate the language of music to students of all ages who want to learn guitar.


Teaching Philosophy:

 “Music has so much to offer people. My job is less to impose on people what they need to learn, and is more to understand the place that music holds in their lives and do my best job to bring it to its full potential. With the knowledge I have gained from studying under three distinctly different teachers, and from my students in the past, I believe I have been exposed to a diverse platform of teaching and learning styles that will help me be the best teacher I can be.”


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